Field Assignment 2: Interning? That’s the Easy Part

I chose to do my second field assignment on COM internships because I was right in the middle of the process of getting mine approved. I thought I was being a little clever by choosing to write about something that was spawned thanks to my last field assignment, but maybe that’s just my vanity speaking.


Regardless, it’s getting to that point in my education quest that I’ve started hearing the grumbling from fellow upper-classmen¬†(and women) about the arduous process of finding an internship, and then getting it approved by the revered - if not feared - Dr. Kallan. After my experience with the whole process, which appears to have been much easier than many students, I was curious to see what it was that made it all such a pain in the neck.

What I found was a lot of what we as students hear about getting a real job. As internships become more and more competitive, it becomes harder for students to find internships that offer more than a class in paper-pushing. As the number of good internships goes down, and the number of students looking for internships goes up, a funnel is created.

I felt like this field assignment went fine, although to be honest, I don’t think it’s as interesting as either of the other two field assignments I did. The interviews were also a little harder to set up because of conflicting schedules with my sources, but it’s all over now, minus the editing process.

This process just gets easier and easier, something I have the Poly Post to thank for. Once you’ve written 600 word stories twice a week for eight weeks, this 1,000 word article doesn’t seem so hard anymore.¬†